Modern newly built condominiums

Conspicuous and Classy in Neukölln

The new-build construction under way on a plot on the corner of Silbersteinstrasse and Hertastrasse will deliver a classy multi-unit dwelling with bright brick façade and striking floor-length windows on every floor. The building will radiate modernity in a growing metropolis that counts among the most popular destinations in Germany—for tourists as much as for people seeking a place to settle down for good. With its diversity and many facets, Neukölln has become one of the most coveted hotspots in the city, and it appeals most to a young and international crowd.

Set into a streetscape of buildings from different periods that reflect this diversity, the new building with its earthy-coloured façade blends in seamlessly. At the same time, it will bring in a touch of modernity and symbolise a new way of living, marked by subdued elegance and on top of the times.

What makes the six-storey residential building stand out is its sense of materiality and ease. Its aesthetics uses discreet accentuation to make the dark picket railings of the balconies contrast favourably with the earthy hue of the façade. Windows extending from floor to ceiling promise bright flats with a welcoming atmosphere. A cleverly structured front yard area with low hedges creates a discreet boundary that separates the public from the private sphere.

Even the building’s lobby reveals the high aesthetic and technical aspirations applied to the design, and you will see it again in the actual flats. Suspended ceilings with recessed spot lights create uniform lighting throughout the entrance area. The lobby is also where the mail box system will be installed.

Modernity and State-of-the-Art Engineering

The architectonic finesse of this property development combines with high energy efficiency features such as triple glazing. All of the windows come with motorised Venetian blinds. On top of that, heat and solar shading factors meet the applicable energy savings requirements. The composite thermal insulation system mounted on the exterior façade will ensure compliance with the latest standards.

The unobtrusive elegance of the staircase and lift ascend to residential units of analogous appeal that will satisfy any expectation you would associate with an urban lifestyle.

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